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Does this sound familiar?

Feeling confused – The sheer amount of information on food and nutrition can be overwhelming. Sorting through everything to figure out what’s best for your individual need can be confusing.

Feelings of being deprived of your favorite foods – Like you can never have what you really want? I know how that feels. It’s like being trapped in a world where all you can have is what other people deem as ‘healthy’ for you.

Expensive!! Spending money $$ on supplements or programs that don’t work – I am guilty of spending a lot of money on supplements that totally didn’t live up to the hype.

Spending hours working out!

Stuck in the pattern of being “good” and “bad” with your diet.

Being super restrictive– Missing out on fun events because you’re too restrictive of a “diet.”

With one-on-one coaching from an experienced dietitian (Me!), you will have all the tools and resources you need to make lasting changes to your diet that will help you reach your goals.

What it would look like if you took back control of your health.


Understand nutrition and feel confident in your food choices.


Your energy levels are better, you're sleeping more soundly, and your skin is looking healthier.


You regularly exercise and treat your body with nourishing food


You can navigate social events without passing upon the slice of birthday cake.


You are able to lose body fat and gain muscle.


Boost confidence, mindset, and motivation to keep pushing forward.

What You Get With Virtual Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition and health assessment.

The nutrition and health assessment is an important part of the virtual nutrition coaching service. It helps to identify any areas of concern and provides a starting point for developing a personalized plan. The assessment includes a review of your dietary habits, physical activity levels, and current health status.

Nutrition assessment with noah quezada rdn

Development and step-by-step implementation of your personalized plan.

Your personalized plan will be developed based on the results of your assessment and will address your specific goals, custom macros, and meal plan. The plan will be designed to help you make gradual, sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle. It will include a step-by-step guide for making these changes, as well as support and accountability from your coach.

Meal Plan, Custom Macros, Calories, Nutrition Coaching.

Ongoing support and accountability.

As your coach, I will provide ongoing support and accountability to help you stick to your plan and reach your goals. This may include regular check-ins, progress reports, and troubleshooting assistance. I will also be available to answer any questions or provide encouragement along the way.

Noah Quezada Registered dietitian online nutrition coach

Access to your personal health app.

Support and access to personalized health apps, food tracking applications, and a chat feature. This allows you to easily monitor your progress and stay on track towards achieving your goals. In addition, I offer regular email access so that you can easily get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Access to libary of resources

Access to a library of resources, including recipes, instructional videos, and other educational materials. These resources will help you learn more about nutrition and how to fuel your body effectively so that you can achieve your health and fitness goals.

Your Virtual Nutrition Coach

Hey, I’m Noah Quezada a registered dietitian nutritionist, and let me tell you, I used to be clueless about nutrition. I grew up playing soccer and in high school, for breakfast, I’d have a bowl of cereal, and lunch, chicken nuggets. Then wonder why I felt horrible at practice. After, I learned about nutrition and changed my eating habits drastically. I can say I have found the path. Now, I want to help people like you who are struggling or frustrated with their nutrition.

Specializing in fat loss, reverse dieting, and athletic performance, I understand the challenges people face when trying to improve their nutrition. I’m also a dietitian who lifts weights, so I can relate to the struggles of trying to find the right balance of nutrition and exercise. I’ve taught hundreds of individuals how to create their own personalized nutrition plans and helped them reach their goals. Born and raised in Colorado, I have 10+ years of experience with the supplement industry as well as 5 years in virtual weight loss coaching. If you’re looking for one-on-one nutrition coaching, I’m here to help.

Noah rdn in lab coat working with client

Hear what other people have to say!

Noah is wonderful to work with and really takes the time to build a program that best supports your goals. I would highly recommend his services I have found if I follow the instructions he gives the weight loss happens without difficulty.
Kami Brittingham
I wanted physical and mental changes in how I approached my health. Your continued leadership and guidance to help me continue to improve my health as I age and change. Our time spent doing one on one physical and mental health training. Being open and honest with a nonjudgmental space created by you really allowed me to break through previous barriers that I just couldn’t do with others. I feel amazing and will continue to focus on health improvement and goals.
natalie taylor Women holding kettle bell
Natalie Taylor

Who is virtual nutrition coaching for?

  • Tired of yo-yo dieting and want a sustainable solution
  • Wants to increase muscle mass and performance.
  • Looking for science and data-driven result using custom macros and tracking.
  • Wants to lose weight and more specifically body fat. 
  • Busy professionals and athletes, looking to lose body fat and increase muscles. 
  • Ready and wanting to make a change! 

What You Can Expect.

  • A structured, personalized meal roadmap
  • Nutrition guidance that fits your lifestyle
  • Collaborative effort between you and your nutrition coach
  • Encouragement and support
  • Science and data-driven results using custom macros and tracking
  • Improved understanding of how to fuel your body for optimal performance
  • Plan – B for when things are not going to plan.
  • Greater confidence in making food choices
  • Reduced anxiety around food

If you are looking for help with your nutrition and want to see real, lasting results, look no further. With one-on-one coaching from an experienced professional, you will have all the tools and resources you need to make lasting changes to your diet that will help you reach your goals.

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