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Over the next 12 weeks, you’ll get the knowledge, skills, tools, and support you need to lose body fat and build muscle — positioning yourself to never have to diet again. 

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Does This Sound Familiar?

You are trying to eat better and workout, but nothing seems to work. 

You are having a hard time staying motivated. 

You are trying healthier food and going to the gym but are unsure exactly what to do. 

You have been told that you need to improve your habits because of a blood test.

You feel stuck in this cycle of “good” and “bad.”

The Fat Loss Blueprint Provides The Support, Guidance, Tools, and Plan to Reach Your Goals

The Benefits of The Fat Loss Blueprint

Benefit #1:

Build your confidence to attack your goals head-on! Receive personalized guidance from a dietitian and coach, plus support from a motivated community of 20-30 people.

Benefit #2:

Learn how to properly fuel your body and exercise to build muscle and burn fat for a strong and healthy physique.

Benefit #3:

Acquire the skills, tools, and knowledge necessary for sustainable progress. You won’t need to follow another fad diet ever again! 

Benefit #4:

Develop a mindset that will empower you to take action. 

Here is what is included in the Fat Loss Blueprint:

✅Personalized calorie and macronutrient targets (daily totals and per meal) 

✅Access to the community ( 

✅Weekly tracking review and check-ins (12)

✅Bi-weekly group coaching sessions (12)

✅Fat Loss Blueprint course – weekly lessons and activities

✅Live Events- Meal prep, how-to’s, Q&A, research reviews and more.

Weekly meal plan templates and recipes. 

12-week strength training plan

Access to Cronometer Gold

✅Bi-weekly 1-on-1 coaching with Noah RD. 

About the Fat Loss Blueprint

I’m Noah RD, and I designed the fat loss blueprint after working with hundreds of people to help them lose weight successfully. 

By coaching people week by week, I gained first-hand experience and began to see patterns in what people needed. 

This led me to create a blueprint that includes the most common questions, tools, and resources to make it easier to lose fat and build muscle.

Meet Noah

Noah male dietitian Eating Watermelon in kitchen

Hey, I am Noah, a dietitian, and the mission for creating the Fat Loss Blueprint was to find a way to take all of the latest scientific research in weight loss, fat loss, muscle building, and strength training and structure it in an easy-to-follow blueprint and community.