6 Week Macro Coaching

Ditch the dieting mentality and opt for a more lasting solution to lose weight and build strength.

Noah Quezada has been featured in forbes, insider, prevention and prada.

You Might Fail.

So be it! The first step towards progress is letting go of the all-or-nothing attitude or perfectionism mindset.

You have tried it all before:
  • Avoiding carbs, keto, fasting, going vegan (insert next fad diet)
  • Exhausting yourself in the gym and spending hours on the treadmill
  • Eating only salads
  • Avoiding snacks and dessert
  • Spending untold sums of money on supplements and products that do not work.
All for what? To lose 5-10 pounds to gain it all back. You feel like you take one step forward every time, only to take two steps back.

Good job being disciplined. But usually, it doesn’t last more than two weeks.

I hear it all the time:

"I always slip back into my old habits."
"One missed workout became two, then three, and now I am paying for a gym pass that I haven't used in months."
"life got in that way, and I just could not maintain it anymore."

The idea of being “perfect” is a lie. No single strategy, diet, or workout regimen is going to work for everyone.

Its time for a mindset shift from perfect to progress

Instead of thinking once I have time or once life settles down, I can make a change. Take charge today.

Macro coaching is the perfect solution to help you reach your goals in a way that works with your lifestyle rather than against it.

Macro coaching is designed to be flexible and adaptive, so you can overcome challenges while equipping yourself with the necessary resources and support to make permanent, sustainable life changes.

Are you ready?

Stop wondering if what you are doing is working – With a plan and progress tracking; you will have full confidence in your results.

Become more knowledgeable about nutrition – Receive the guidance of a professional dietitian to become more informed and make better decisions with food.

Reach goals faster – A macro coach will help customize a plan that fits your lifestyle and needs so that you can reach your desired goals in a much shorter time period.

Experience better results – With macro coaching, you can expect to experience more consistent and long-term results than other fad diets or programs.

Accountability– With weekly check-ins and accountability, you are more likely to stay on track with your diet and reach your goals.

Improved Relationship with Food – Instead of having a restrictive mindset about food, learn to enjoy and appreciate healthy eating habits in balance.

Sustained Results – Receive the necessary guidance to create lasting changes for the long term.

Meet you macro coach

Hey, I am Noah, your dietitian and macro coach. 

I created this 6-week macro coaching after hearing and seeing the issue and problems that people like you were facing when it came to losing weight. 

The idea is to offer a system of self-monitoring (tracking your behavior) and providing feedback based on what you are already doing. 

Instead of handing your a meal plan and workout plan, I want to give you the tools to track what you are doing and provide actionable advice. 

What you get with macro coaching

Forget the armchair “nutritionists” who merely shed a few pounds and call themselves experts. 

Instead, trust in a dietitian with extensive schooling and clinical experience – one that has already helped hundreds of clients reach their goals.

Forget cookie-cutter plans. You are unique, and no two lifestyles are the same!

That’s why you will receive a personalized breakdown of macro targets based on your body type, fitness routine, goals, and lifestyle.

Don’t let weight loss be a guessing game.

Get personalized and actionable advice from a dietitian every week based on your tracking results and feedback to ensure you are steadily working towards achieving your goals.

With weekly check-ins, macro tracking oversight, and accountability, you’ll have full confidence in your results!

Forget the hassle of using Myfitnesspal with its restricted features. 

With Cronometer, you can monitor up to 84 nutrients and synchronize your wearable fitness device (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, etc.).

And that’s not all – a dietitian will review your data every week!

Your dietitian will oversee your tracking data to ensure your nutrition is on track.

They’ll provide tailored advice based on your progress, answer questions, and give feedback as needed.

In addition to ensuring you are getting the right amount of calories for weight loss and staying within your macro budget, I’ll look at your lifestyle, habits, and food choices to help you make lasting changes.

Contact your dietitian anytime with questions or concerns about your nutrition or progress.

You won’t have to wait for a weekly check-in – just text and get the answer you need.

You got questions; we have answers!

Join your dietitian for weekly group sessions to answer any questions about nutrition, meal prepping, lifestyle changes, or anything related to weight loss and health.

Join a private member’s Facebook group to share your journey with others. Support each other, swap recipes, and get tips from me directly!

Testimonials from Previous Clients

Noah is wonderful to work with and really takes the time to build a program that best supports your goals. I would highly recommend his services I have found if I follow the instructions he gives the weight loss happens without difficulty.
Kami Brittingham
Current Client
I wanted physical and mental changes in how I approached my health. Your continued leadership and guidance to help me continue to improve my health as I age and change. Our time spent doing one on one physical and mental health training. Being open and honest with a nonjudgmental space created by you really allowed me to break through previous barriers that I just couldn’t do with others. I feel amazing and will continue to focus on health improvement and goals.
Natalie Taylor
Current Client

Program details:

Your program starts at the beginning of each month. For example, if you sign up on March 20th, your 6-week macro coaching starts on April 1st.

On the first of the month, you will receive an email with the start-up packet and will be granted access to Cronometer, the Facebook group, and weekly group Q&A’s. 

When you purchase this package, you will receive a detailed questionnaire that will be used to program your calories and macros.  


The cost of the macro coaching program is 197.00. This is a limited-time offer for the first 50 people that join the program. 

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