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Committed to providing evidenced-based weight loss information and services to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals.

Weight loss dietitian

Noah Quezada is a registered dietitian nutritionist, specializing in helping people learn about nutrition and how to properly fuel their bodies so they can lose weight, gain muscle, and improve their overall health.


My vision is to revolutionize the way people look at weight loss. Instead of centering around starvation and fat burning, I emphasize adding nutritional value and focusing on creating a strong body.

The story

Just like you, I endured struggles with my self-confidence, energy slumps, and feelings of insecurity when it came to health, weight and how I looked. This led me down every fad diet rabbit hole and the frustration that came with not seeing minimal, if any, results. I felt stuck on this neverending hamster wheel of weight loss.

After having the privilege of working with hundreds of clients striving to reach their weight-loss goals, I gained first-hand experience in this area. At the time I was working for a Denver-based weight loss clinic and I had noticed that almost all the clients were successful at initially losing the weight BUT when it came to keeping it off, they failed.

That’s when I decided that something had to change, and I started my own business, Noah’s Nutrition, with the mission of helping people break free from the weight loss hamster wheel.

My aha moment

It wasn’t until I heard consistent feedback from my clients who were struggling to keep the weight off that it dawned on me – something had to be done.

This light bulb moment forced me to analyze the current best weight loss practices and develop a plan that would provide sustainable weight loss results without the need for extreme diets or exercise.

Who I help

I specialize in helping individuals who are ready to do the work and make lifestyle changes. This typically involves people who have already started making changes and are open-minded to trying new approaches.

It is fun to look at weight loss as a science experiment. In the way that some tools may work great for certain clients, while others are completely different. Weight Loss does not have to be a daunting experience and I am here to guide you through yours.


I wanted physical and mental changes in how I approached my health. Your continued leadership and guidance to help me continue to improve my health as I age and change. Our time spent doing one on one physical and mental health training. Being open and honest with a nonjudgmental space created by you really allowed me to break through previous barriers that I just couldn’t do with others. I feel amazing and will continue to focus on health improvement and goals.
natalie taylor Women holding kettle bell
Natalie Taylor
Noah is wonderful to work with and really takes the time to build a program that best supports your goals. I would highly recommend his services I have found if I follow the instructions he gives the weight loss happens without difficulty.
Kami Brittingham

How I can help

Noah’s Nutrition can help you in three ways a flexible dieting blog, nutrition coaching, and The five bullet fitness Friday newsletter.

Flexible dieting blog

Read a new blog post each week. The topics range from meal plans to tracking macros, recipes, and meal plans.

Nutrition Coaching

Are you searching for individualized nutrition guidance? Look no further than our virtual nutrition coaching sessions!

Five Bullet Fitness Friday Newsletter

You can join the Five Bullet Fitness Friday Newsletter to receive weekly workout tips, recipes, and more!


Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition – Dietetics From Metropolitan State University of Denver. 

Registered Dietitian (RD) or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) Issued by Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)

Check out Noah Quezada RD Author page for more information on credentialing and publications.

Other ways you can connect with me.

I am on all of the social channels and would love it if your followed my instagram @noahs_nutrition.

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